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Anonymous said: great blog. i found this off gawker and you've helped me accomplish my goal of doing exactly nothing at work for two straight days. kudos. so what do guys do/say that turns girls on? and what do they do that turns girls off?

I am glad you’re doing exactly nothing, because I usually post when I have a million things to do which results in accomplishing nothing as well- except maybe aiding others in anti-productivity, such as yourself.

I can only answer those questions based off my own experiences but shall do so nonetheless.

Turn ons: When a guy uses my name and not “girl” or “dude”, if a guy’s shirt is a little too tight between his shoulders so there are waves of rippling fabric in the valley of his back (I should write romance novels), correct my grammar, eye contact, wearing a watch

Turn offs: Long nails, solid white sneakers / flip flips, skinny jeans, smiling without teeth, knit beanies, using “good” and “well” wrong, being a Yankees fan, graphic tees, too touchy feely too fast makes us question your sexuality, smokers of anything

So yeah… I am kind of weird. 

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